All the negative photographs

I see in my empty camera lens.

I cannot see the light, but instead, inverted

actions of shirt buttons and

hair wax.

Rubbing between your fingers

before you

wipe it all onto my

mental state.

I want you to know,

I never did a single sided record

breaker without considerationing you.

Daisy chaining,

fading and changing

into decorated fossils of what we

once had the chance

to become.

A number, a numb hum of a

Song I used to sing song.

Be my man. Be my end of the sofa.

Be my blunt knife.

Be my deep wound and cut me.

Words get in the way

of what I’m trying to say.

#newpoetry #poem #poetry #abstractpoetry #katiehargreaves #lovepoem

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